Last update of sddm caused black screen after plymouth

Hello everybody,
Today, after a pacman -Syu, after reboot I wasn't anymore able to login.
After the plymouth screen, instead of presenting the login screen the system was showing a black screen.
Restoring a snapshot the problem disappeared, but appeared again after re-upgrading.
I thought to remove the splash from grub parameters and this was working (able to login).
I checked the pacman log and found (amongst the rest)
upgraded sddm (0.19.0-4 -> 0.19.0-5)
So, I went back to the previous version with
sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/sddm-0.19.0-4-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
and now everything is back to normal.
What can I do now, and for future updates (to avoid this from occurring again)?

Thanks in advance!


Literally the same thing here. Hoping for a resolution soon.


Meanwhile I think we should temporarily add sddm to the IgnorePkg section of pacman.conf, until the difficulty with the updated package is resolved


There are some changes by the Arch team done 2 days ago which might be responsible as Im using sddm-git without issues right now. At least thats what changed between 0.19.0-4 -> 0.19.0-5 :eyes:

Thats a good temporary solution, just dont forget about it :wink:


Same problem here after applying updates during Garuda setup. After reboot the system just goes to a black screen. I will reinstall and edit pacman.conf before applying updates.

Just to confirm that editing pacman.conf before applying the setup updates worked.


Same issue

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Ok so how do we recall a package.

I managed to do it in this way

They said they can not get to a tty.

Yes sure, not in that case.
So I guess that also booting removing splash from grub does not help?

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When on grub line press button E. In the boot string locate the Word splash and delete It, then ctrl+x


I am going to add SDDM to the ignorePkg section of pacman.conf for kde-multimedia. By default.

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Sure, I did it as well.
With all these troubles I hope it will be fixed soon...

Same issue here on Qtile. At this point it's probably an upstream issue

Should SDDM be in ignorePkg by default in kde-multimedia (Poll open for a few hours)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I do not care

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Yes, the root cause is definitely in the update linked by @dr460nf1r3 above imo


Temporarily, I think.


Yes indeed.
I'll jeep a close eye at pacman at each update since it always warns the skipped update of sddm along with the new version available

Maybe I should use it too? :thinking: I will test this


Yep, it just works. You can replace sddm with sddm-git

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