KDE 5.25 and Inactive Blur Feature in Garuda's Dr460nized/Gaming Ed Issue

After upgrading to KDE 5.25 plasma, the 'Inactive Blur' plugin in the Desktop and Wallpaper configuration no longer works. I think this is used in Garuda's KDE Dr460nized and Gamer's edition, so just FYI.


It was already notified.
Let's see:


Lol, @filo was faster than me! :smiley:


Ok, thanks.

One more item for default Garuda DR460nized, I think 'gtk3-nocsd' is used/enabled by default. That is no longer needed since Plasma 5.25 did a revamp of the CSD stuff. I did some testing, all the GTK apps have rounded corners, windows decorations work now, etc. Just fyi.

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We don't use this, how did you get the impression it was used? :eyes:
Thanks for the heads up anyways :slight_smile:

Oh, I never installed this and found it to be on my system, so just assumed it was a default Garuda selection. Maybe it was pulled in by some other program I installed. My bad.


Has the blur plugin fixed? When will it be? How are going to know?

According to No longer working in plasma 5.25 · Issue #14 · Zren/plasma-wallpapers · GitHub it seems only you posted after the OP and no one else commented.


I doubt it. I was shocked to see on the git page that it hasn't been updated since 2019. Maybe someone will fork it, but went ahead and removed it from my system.


It has also been removed from dr460nized for that reason.. it was fun for the time being :confused: Still, will keep monitoring the repo for eventual changes, you never know!


Guess the issue is solved by now! :scream: (Looking at the commit history)


It appears there was a fix put in place with the Git version/repos (I haven't tested it yet,) but the KDE Store has not been updated yet, so take note if downloading manually.

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