Latte Dock bugs in KDE 5.25 with dr4gonized

since the latest updates I'm experiencing issues with Latte and Desktop backgrounds.

I have a snapshot from the 14th of June 2022 where everything works still as expected.

With the version I tried on the 21st of June (I guess even before ... around 16th of June) I'm having issues with the bottom Latte dock. Once there are more applications stacked - you can't activate them anymore from the dock. Also it seems to be less reactive and the animations stuck (symbols growing larger etc.).
Also the background plugin inactive blur isn't working any longer - at least no images are there for selection - only static image is now possible.

I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are more bugs hidden. But the first one I mentioned is so annoying that I switched back to my btrfs snapshot from the 14th of June where these topics work just fine.

Does anyone have an idea or is at least experiencing the same issues? I couldn't find anything useful in the internet and I guess it's somehow related to the combo Garuda and KDE 5.25 ...

Thanks for your help!

Please use forum search too.




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