KDE 5.26.3 - Inactive Blur not working

I had this problem already with KDE 5.25 (see post: KDE 5.25 and Inactive Blur Feature in Garuda's Dr460nized/Gaming Ed Issue). It was temporarily working again and now I'm facing the same issue again.

When I select "Inactive Blur" plugin in Wallpaper settings the pictures/wallpapers below all disappear. I tried to re-install "inactive blur" plugin (also tried the ubuntu version), all without success.

Help appreciated - many thanks!

I think it was dropped for good since broken again in KDE... See:

So, basically, if your system was installed in the last couple of months, you don't get the plug-in at all; if it is an older system, the plug-in is not working anymore (see also issue list in the github linked in my next post).


Is this Garuda's plugin or KDE's? If Garuda's maybe time to turn the code over to the KDE devs.

No Garuda stuff.
It's already in KDE Store:

Coming from here:


There’s something called doing your own search for answers before making implied accusations.


Maybe learn to read. I didn't ANY accusations, IMPLIED or otherwise. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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