Installing OBS Studio

Brother I need help I am new to linux and i have installed garuda. I am having trouble installing snap store can you help me please. I am also Indian

open new thread, snap are not supported.
and welcome :slight_smile:


I didnt get that ? Means I cant Use Snap by any means?

I want to downlaod OBS software in garuda how Can I do that?

Please, read Garuda wiki "Reporting bugs" and use forum search function.

One command

sudo pacman -S obs-studio 

Also, welcome to the community.

Btw, you could have also used add/remove software if you want GUI.


Brother this command has installed obs but it is not starting.

Honestly Garuda linux is my first linux disto. and I dont know a damn thing about linux so I am facing too many problems

See this tutorial

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Take it slowly. There are plenty of resources about Linux. Read basic articles on Arch and Gentoo wiki to get started. Use forum search function. If you want to use Linux, you need to understand what it consists of. Otherwise, you are tied to ask small questions like these


Obs isnt opening

Did you reboot?
If it still doesn't open...

  • Try running it from a terminal and digest the error messages.
  • Search the forum and Google using the error message(s) as the search term.
  • Look at the bugreports and see if a 'fix' has been posted. If so, use it. If not, file your own bug report.

We should probably make your last response stickied, because if most users followed your advice the forum would be far less taxed with help requests.



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