Off Topic Chit Chat - (Silliness factor 5)

That's the good one you don't want Nvidia.

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Make sure to install garuda linux on it.


What are the specs?

32 Exabytes of RAM's blood.

Why 32 you ask? I say, why not!


And a 69 ghz 666 core CPU.
And an AMD 69420 RT
AND an asus 1337 E Motherbored
AND! a 6 inch display.


This is the PC for @all
Only 69696969.66 $


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how to change qtile bar to polybar in Qtile Window Manager

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Read the documentation


today i installed Garuda BSPWM.. and i was shocked.... the iso was old... it was about 1.2GB of updates... i believe we have too much WMs and DEs and focusing on one is not possible everytime....

keeping you updated if something goes wrong or feel like buggy

last time i used Garuda BSPWM it was very laggy and the choppy tilling effects.... i hope we will see some changes

Anyone here use Androidx86 in a VM instead of anbox?

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many aaps like nitrogen virtmanager etc crashed 2 3 times and then finally went into a bootloop after system updates were installed in Garuda BSPWM

Please, make a separate topic about your issues with bspwm. This place is supposed to be silly, not serious. STOP.


I agree with you just make a topic it is NOT THAT HARD.
Sorry for the tiny rant.

Lol, I mainly read the forum daily for amusement factor.
The trolls and clueless/helpless are actually quite amusing. I suppose it's mean to be amused by the clueless, but umm, they should get a clue, I guess ;0
Remember TBG that I said (last year) that I feel sorry for what you're going to go through as Garuda got more popular? haaahaa

I mean, I can't use Garuda because the telegram app won't allow me to set the download folder, and it must be Garuda's fault, because it works on XYZ. It's a deal breaker..

OMG, and several solutions were shoved at him, plus it would be easy if you knew anything about Linux to setup a cron job to move files elsewhere, completely working around any app deficiencies (which were probably not even a deficiency turns out, but pure user error)
How could someone make up comedy like this? Of course, you probably have to be a geek to understand the comedy :slight_smile:


just had to run 3 commands in powershell. I'm about to faint :face_vomiting:


Yes, you did warn, and sadly I've been through this all before as a distro climbs higher and higher in the rankings.

And yes, it is funny in a perverse and twisted kind of way, because there's probably at least 4 or 5 ways to workaround the issue you mentioned.

Unfortunately, the comedy factor isn't enough to offset the spike in blood pressure when reading threads like that. If I suddenly stop posting one day it's not likely that Covid got me, but rather a user finally caused me to burst a major blood vessel in my brain.

:exploding_head: :crazy_face:


Ya gotta get off'n the sauce an onto the weed, man. I mean, if'n yer about ta go postal, ya know. <wink, wink, wink>


I read this Yesterday on twitter :slight_smile:

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It was on the national news in the UK yesterday, Just shows money does not buy happiness