Installing another wm with plasma doesnt work?

Hey everyone, Im loving my new garuda install. Im running kde. and before when i ran Arcolinix or a few others Ive always been able to install another window manager along side kde. And I could just chose between then at longin.
Well This is my second time with garuda and Ive always had issues with this. They will install but as soon as I login to qtile or i3 the login screen doesnt go awaay and nothing really works. its as if half of the programs are still stuck logging in or something. here is my log file for qtile. Basically looks like a keybind error but I cant imagine it causeing the trouble for i3 also
have any of you ran kde and another window manager?



Never tried it although it sounds cool, but previously it's been stated in the forums that multiple desktops are unsupported by Garuda.
This comment is a year old but afaik it still holds true:

and an older one that gets to the core of the issue, unless Garuda's concept has changed:

and there's a few more threads like these.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :pensive:


There is no log attached.

In general, the more "opinionated" a DE or WM is the less likely it will work with another DE or WM installed on top of it. DEs often have their own way of handling things like system events or processes, and it is easy to introduce conflicts or straight-up break things. No matter what distro you use or what DEs you try to do this with, this is becoming a more difficult thing to pull off as DEs have grown bigger and more featureful over the years.

The very simple DEs can sometimes be made to work on top of each other (I have seen guides posted, such as here: [Tutorial] Easy Setup: Endeavour XFCE + i3 tiling window manager - EndeavourOS development - EndeavourOS), but if you are thinking it will work out of the box without some adjustments made I am afraid those days are gone.

More complex DEs like KDE are practically guaranteed to have problems. Heck, even running KDE on it's own has a reputation for being buggy, things breaking, and so on because it's just so big and complex now.

If you want to have multiple desktop environments on your system, the best experience you are going to get is to do two separate installations and multiboot.


I actually surprised to hear the overall feeling on this is a strick no. I was just using another arch based distro and you can easily run 3-4 stull like awesome wm, i3, herbs those are no problem at all running with plasma, but some reason and i think it has to do with how python is so involved with qtile that it has some issues. here is that log by the way 12 22:34:50,676 WARNING libqtile Key spec duplicated, -

Hello, Llama! I installed a bunch of WM alongside Garuda KDE to give them a try, all of them work perfectelly! Check the image attached.

I used Arco Linux Tweek Tool to install them, you just need to check the boxes of the WMs you want and after a coulple of minutes (literally) all of them are ready to go.

These that I installed at least, all work for me on Garuda KDE.

I'm using mostelly chadwm, it's great!

Good luck,

It's your system, do whatever you wish with it. However, Garuda does not encourage, endorse, nor support installing multiple Garuda editions at the same time. If you choose to do so, you are on your own as far as support goes. Please do not request assistance with multiple DE installs of Garuda on the forum if you wish to run this type of setup.

Experienced Linux users may be able to run multiple DE's without any issues whatsoever. Unfortunately, new users may experience many problems that they are unequiped to diagnose or resolve on their own. We therefore prefer not to encourage discussions of multiple DE installations because of the support problems it can create on the forum.

I feel this topic has run its course and further discussion serves little purpose. Nothing to see here move along now. :wink: