Desktop environment switcher

Please give a option to switch between desktop environment after installing os like in some other distros (arco).

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I just speak for myself here but I don't see this happening as we provide an oppiniated choice of desktop environments. The entire concept of this distro is quite different from ArcoLinux :thinking:



I installed Lxqt version but if I want to install i3 I will have to customize it myself, but if I want to install the i3 version that you provide that is pre customized and I have some options in settings to install or switch de's, I'm talking that.

Welcome to Garuda.

I must say though your opening threads here haven't been well thought out. Your last thread:

This last thread was a request to have a Garuda openbox edition created. We've already had an OpenBox edition, but it was removed as there were no volunteers to maintain it.

Now you post another request that, if you'd done any searching on the forum you'd know the Garuda distro does not recommend nor support multi-booting nor multi-desktops.

Basically Garuda is not going to be retooled because a single one day user requests it. Why don't you read the forum for a bit and get an idea of what Garuda is about before you make any more requests for it to be reshaped to your desires. Just saying, remarks from new users about how Garuda should be like their old distro don't tend to go over that well. I suggest you grab a seat, put your feet up for a while, and get used to how the forum works before requesting any more big changes to Garuda.


Well yes, but it feels like a microsoft or apple kinda approch where they have served they like and thats the thing bout your distro if I want to tinker here and there I should go for arch itself.

There is a big difference between you choosing to modify your install to suit your needs and asking others to modify it for you.

I don't think anyone is telling you not to "tinker"


You may tinker to your heart's content, it's your system. However, if your tinkering breaks the standard Garuda installation, then it is the distros prerogative to not provide support for the mess users create by tinkering.

We provide a working system, if you wish to break it that's your business. We however are under no obligation to fix a self inflicted disaster. You break it, you fix it. Plain and simple.


As the old bar room quote goes..."This ain't Burger King. You get it our way or not at all."

But, not really. Sane suggestions by established users, I believe, will always be entertained by Garuda's short staff of developers and maintainers, time and staff permitting. My belief, anyway.

Garuda's spins are easily modifiable by knowledgeable users. Who said they aren't?


I know that they won't leave their work and make something that I prefer but thats why there is a forum here to ask and understand what these people think and they like to work, and dont know if Im ignorant but I didn't see any do's and don't so.

Yes. You are ignorant of what Garuda is, its history, the forum, users, staff, and most everything else about it.

The simplest way out of your ignorance is to take a seat, shut up, and read.


no one said and it the nature of the linux to be modifiable, but some thing this good why mess it up wrong way, there should be there prefered way of changing it. As I said if I wanted to change desktop enviornments and play around I would had gone some other way than garuda, if they have already made perfect why would I mess it thats what I am saying.

You are free to do as you please. If you wish to install a bunch of desktops, fill your boots. Just don't expect a bunch of Garuda devs to come running to your rescue when things go sideways.

That's not to say some kind Garuda user won't come to your assistance on the forum (as someone may). Just don't expect official support if you wish to install your system in a non standard way. Again, you are free to do as you please with your own system.


Well I know what linux is and how linux thing works. No offence but Garuda is just another fancy fish in pond. If thing go wrong I prefer a clean install.

Garuda Barebones

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Right now I installed Lxqt-kwin edition if things goes wrong it's barebones. But you people should clearify your philosophy of doing things on the first page or at most noticeable place, coz it's taking time to understand you (garuda linux people), but Im getting hang of you😉.

You may be right, except for one thing, no one reads anything when an attempt is made to inform users (it is generally completely ignored).

Case in point it is very prominently displayed that Garuda does not support installation to a VM. Yet we often gets complaints that Garuda doesn't work properly in a VM. We also get the odd request that Garuda should be made to work fully in a VM. These users are simply politely informed that Garuda does not support installation to a VM (as specified on the downloads page), and that supporting installation to a VM is not a Garuda priority.

Basically, when you're the captain of the ship, you decide the course to steer.


Since everything has been said, I will close here.