Installation failed dragonized (not gaming) download (partition download)

I followed a tutorial showing how to download the os into a partition to use both windows and linux.
At around 80% in the installation i got this error:
"The boot loader can not be installed. The installation command
grub-install - -target=x86_64-efi-directory=/boot/efi. - - bootloader-id=Garuda - -force returned error code 1

I am quite sure I made some spelling mistakes, pardon me. For some background, when i got to the installation in the disk, it asked me whether i preferred automatic Nvidia drivers (i have an AMD card) or open source ones (which I chose).
Not only that but now it looks as if windows on that drive (not partition) doesn't want to boot either.

Please help and thank you so so much for your time.

Which one?

Start the installation again, noting down exactly what you do at every step of the process. Then, post back here with the specific details.


If the error persists, please provide as much information as possible (although I know that you cannot post images).
If I remember correctly, additional information should be provided after that message.
Just for example:


You mean delete the partition, redownload the software on the dok and then redownload? (Or only redownload or only clear the partition)?

This one: How to Dual Boot Garuda Linux and Windows 10 SAFELY [ 2021 ] - YouTube

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THis is not a chat app so please add multiple quotes in one message instead a seperate message for each reply

Moving on to your issue, Hoping you havent done anything after the error reinstall grub manually

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  1. I cleared the entire drive with all of my files because windows went dead on me (as a a responsible adult I made sure to backup all the important files before starting any of this thread)
  2. I reinstalled the download file onto the dok (I found the dok patitioned for some reason, I didn't do that actively) and connected it to my computer. In this step I download garuda_DR460NIZE it was recognized as a DVD drive and not as a zip file (as was shown in the tutorial I previously followed,
    now I started following this tutorial:Garuda Linux - Download and Installation Guide 2020 - YouTube)
    For some reason. When selecting this in rufus it shows the following message: "The image you have selected is an ISOHybrid but its creators have bot made it compatible with ISO/File copy mode. As a result, DD image writing mode will be enforced.
  3. I connected the USB drive, opened boot menu, selected san disk (I had 3 partitions od the same disk for some reason so I do not know if there is any difference) it opened the setup window, I selected open source drivers (instead of Nvidia drivers) and after a minute and a half I was in.
  4. I selected install garuda linux and then entered my preferences. This time I selected erase disk instead of select a partition (because I no longer have a partition)
    5.For some reason, this time I got to the all done screen (i written everything as I wemt so i wouldn't forget anything, now I think I am a total moron waisting everyone's time, sorry!)

First, unless the YouTube is an official Garuda instruction video, we don't care. There are 10 horribly wrong videos for any correct one.

Second, please follow the written installation instructions in the Garuda Wiki, which you can click on at the top right portion of the forum page.

good luck


Rufus is not recommended.