I want to combine the Dragonized BlackArch Edition and Gaiming

Hi, I want to combine the Dragonized BlackArch Edition and Gaiming, has anyone done this before? And what is better to put first and how to install the components of the second one?

I haven't done it, but it should work as this was marked as solution:

  1. Install Dr460nized Gaming.
  2. Install Blackarch Repo

And welcome to Garuda :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I really liked Manjaro KDE, but I had problems on a Dell laptop, I changed the Wi-Fi there to the newer Killer AX1650x, with it the screen started to twitch from the bottom. Now I will test this distribution on KDE

Just a funny note: ethical hacking is a serious job, not a good sign you want to mix it with gaming...


Not always, games like Watch_Dogs are for hackers actually :sweat_smile:


Good to know :blush:
The serious part was that some games could leave open in your system and your firewall ports that shouldn't be open


Yes IK, just for fun as well :wink:
Also OP should also consider using Firejail then.


Install Dr460nized blackarch edition, and then use update to gaming script.

And welcome to the community.


Thank you very much to everyone, especially the developers, who implemented a lot of good things, that before in Manjaro you had to Google and climb into the command line, now you can do it with one button - this is great. I'm new to Linux - not a hacker, just learning, while I won't hack anyone) On the contrary, I make sites that need security tests. But sometimes you can also play) Call of Duty Mobile does not run here in any way?

What is very cool - this system I got up well, without any problems with wi-fi, but there are minor bugs - it is not possible to load Windows through the graphical interface, I certainly understand that you do not like them) But still. And near the start menu sign ? "something with the encoding?"

I also put Discovery - it is like installing programs, and then they can not be found in the menu and through the search

Please, this is a forum not a chat.
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And new problems need new topics, this one is solved. :slight_smile:

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