How to replace ubuntu/other installed linux with Garuda linux in a dual boot system?

I have been using Ubuntu alongside with Windows 10 for 3 years and wanted to try Garuda Linux.
I want want to erase Ubuntu and install Garuda in it's place, in other words I want to install Garuda alongside with Windows.
Usually while installing other linux distros like Kali, Xububtu, etc I would some options like:

  • Erase Windows and install DISTRO_NAME.
  • Erase Ububtu and install DISTRO_NAME.

But in Garuda Installer's UI a little bit confusing for me. I'm seeing the option to erase disk option here but It's asking me to select a partition. Similar is the case with replace partition option.

So my question is if I choose my "Ubuntu partition", will it automatically replace the "Ubuntu swap" and "grub boot loader" with new ones? If no, will I need to uninstall Ubuntu and uninstall the grub from "EFI" first and then install Garuda?

I also checked this thread but I couldn't get the solution.





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Use the manual partitioning option and tell the installer exactly what you want (i.e. which partitions to reuse and which to leave alone), and install GRUB as normal.


You are probably misunderstanding drive with partition. It should ask for a drive and erases completely (all partitions inside).

I am not sure, but probably not (it is technically almost impossible).
But you can do those yourself easily after installation.




Yeah it didn't removed the grub, had to remove the ubuntu from "EFI" manually but I finally got Garuda installed. Thank-you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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