How do you undragonize the kde?

I like the layout of the kde this distribution has…

However I can’t really stand those icons, nor I still understand them(can’t find apps when looking for them)…

Is there any way you could make it look better, smoother and with something like material icons?

If you want you can start with KDE Lite and put your theme on it. If it’s just that there are specific parts of theme you hate and wish to change (like icons) simply open KDE settings and search in the search bar for “icons” honestly customizing KDE is easy. You can even browse and download new app themes right from there.

BTW, I am pretty sure this is all easly lookable.

Make an effort to resolve your own issues first. Also always provide your garuda-inxi when opening a help request. We have that template for a reason.

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I also think for someone who can’t figure out how to swap icons in KDE, KDE-Lite is just the thing. :smiley:

No, you can only make it uglier with material icons. It may be that some icon themes don’t have all the icons you need. Who knows.
Joking aside, luckily we don’t all have the same taste, so we should avoid talking about ugly or better looking.
It is enough to say that you want to change them. :slight_smile:

Apart from the garuda-inxi use forum search befor you post help requests, please.


Ah, makes sense thanks , I’m looking for options to customize the os…

I’m not meaning to anger someone off xD

I’ll make my best not not judge designs & tastes :slight_smile:

I made designs on multiple Linux distros I used over the years …

it might be me through, cuz can’t understand some layouts (xfce as in Kubuntu) and those icons in one color (black&white icons) just make me struggle to find where’s stuff and I’m in a hurry

You can start by either installing the Garuda KDE Lite version and installing whatever themes, icons, etc. you wish, or…
Install the dr4gonized KDE and search the forum for easy-peasy ways.

Your choice! :smiley:

P.S. “Hurry” induces panic. Panic is counterproductive when learning Linux. :slight_smile:


I believe these are the steps

Open the Menu
Go to “System Settings”
Select “Appearance”
Global Theme should be selected, but if not select “Global Theme”
Select “Breeze/Breeze Dark/Breeze Twilight”


In my opinion, you’d better pick this (theming in general, not only icons) up after KDE 6 is released, otherwise you risk that something you do now won’t work or that you’ll have to do it twice.


How much would I have to wait till KDE 6 will be released on Garuda?

Use forum search, please

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Ok, found the way to use this site’s search features, thanks

I’m just getting used to this interface, I use Reddit mostly

Just as @filo says. I added the testing/kde-unstable repos yesterday and upgraded to 6 in Arch. Oops! Most of my custom theming and widgets didn’t work. Big mistake.


I won´t give this a “like”. But thank you for information. I am impatient and curious and was already tempted to…

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Just wanted to save ya a little energy. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think you warrant a nick change, Mr. Impatient. :rofl:

Also, KDE announced quite some time ago that widgets, etc. would have to be rebuilt for 6. AFAIK, all of the Plasma 6 widgets work, but not so Plasma 5 ones that have not yet been. That was my experience, anyway.

ATM, I’m in Windows-only on this computer and tempted to “wait until the dust settles” then make a clean install of Arch + Plasma 6. But I have no doubts that @dr460nf1r3 & Co. here are going to do some slick stuff with it in Garuda. I’ve known these folks for a while. Finest kind! :smiley:


That’s too kind of you to want to save me energy. As for the nickname, believe me, the apocalyptic outweighs everything :rofl:

Widgets, what are widgets? Joking aside, I don’t use any of them. I prefer a clean, black desktop. There’s only conky. But this one is very detailed with everything there is to know about the system.

Windows, what is… :grin:
And yes, I agree and have no doubt that the Garuda team will come up with something great again.


( I know its a stupid joke… but nobody thought of this? )

About the theming and widgets, yeah, have to be ported to plasma 6, especially because qt5 to qt6. but that was … expected? right?


I mean, it’s funny, cuz I never used KDE on bare metal, I tried it with KUbuntu and KDE Neon Linux os(stupid how I broke that in a VM, but Ubuntu KDE never broke) …

I guess I’ll have to wait a few months till I get my other laptop with a Smaller weight and size(I’d Carry that with me all the time)

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