Has anyone tried nwg-shell in hyprland or sway?

Since it’s in chaotic repo and they have also an iso for full system installation with sway and hyprland ready, has anyone looked into it?

nwg-shell is not in the Chaotic repo. :eyes:

I have never tried the full shell myself, but I am sure it is good because everything from Piotr is! :blush:

Both Garuda Sway and Garuda Hyprland use nwg-drawer by default, and use nwg-launchers in the Waybar for the power menu.


Sorry my bad… yes nwg-shell isn’t in repo but other applications are. Yesterday I saw an iso in the hyprland subreddit… I thought of testing it in vm… looks promising though… consistency is what the developer promises… But as I used their iso, it’s not as good as bare hyprland with waybar rather than panel . It still has long way to go. .

Many pictures missing. :frowning:

Thanks @SGS for the article… at first they only focused on sway only. Recently they have included hyprland as well. I have tried for a week in my laptop… not as good as barebone hyprland with waybar… but it’s look very much promising… some hyprland features missing.

As always :slight_smile:

Just install/build them and share with us in

I believe I already showed my waybar in the above discussion :thinking:

Ok, I did not check the part what is missing :smiley:

No … the screenshot which you see in the below is from Garuda hyprland waybar… not the nwg shell. You can identify that by watching tray icons and update icon too in the middle… :smile:
As I said above, there are some features missing from nwg shell hyprland, not from Garuda hyprland…

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I didn’t realize what you meant. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, no way to recover them now. :confused:

Vaxry adds / removes features on the random basis every 2 - 3 weeks. As long as Hyprland is that much unstable, I won’t support what I don’t use myself. Otherwise I wouldn’t even notice things getting broken.

Back on topic: I remember a flawless installation of nwg-shell on Garuda sway, long time ago.


Hmm… I see :eyes:
I was actually curious because some while ago there was a slight change in behavior of moving the windows through keyboard shortcuts most of the people wouldn’t have noticed it.

Thanks for telling :slightly_smiling_face:


There are certain things I need to point out in nwg-shell hyprland:

  1. Themes are inconsistent. For example if I want to change theme, I go to nwg-look and change theme and icon there. But that doesn’t change the nwg drawer theme and icon. For changing nwg drawer look, I have to go to shell settings, from there I go to panel preset, say panel 2, from there I need to change app drawer look. Also panel drop down menu, e.g. tray doesn’t change with nwg- look.

  2. Greetd login is causing problems during login, you need to change to sddm in upcoming version. I think I informed you in reddit if I’m not wrong . :slightly_smiling_face:

  3. Nwg repo need to be disabled from pacman.conf to let pacman actually running pacman -Syu. Otherwise it will not let the pacman update the server. I don’t know why nwg repo is in local directory. May be you can elaborate better… :slightly_smiling_face:

These are some main problems I faced while using nwg-shell hyprland edition…

  1. The drawer looks bad in most gtk themes, so by default uses a custom style sheet. It must not look like other windows.

  2. Nobody but you complained about a problem with greetd so far.

  3. I informed you back that nwg-repo persistent in pacman.conf after installation is a rare error, that never happened to myself in hundreds of installs. I suppose some archinstall bug, but couldn’t reproduce it on my side so far.

May be you can elaborate better…

100% of my stuff are AUR packages. The simplest way to provide them on the Archiso is the local repo. I have no own repo, and I don’t want any.


The drawer is super customizable though, through the config and also the flags you use when you launch it.

Check this baby out:

I agree it’s better to let the drawer have a standalone theme, so it can have a distinct look.

My experience is basically the opposite: SDDM is historically riddled with issues. Also, for many years it wasn’t actually even possible to use SDDM with Sway or Hyprland unless you did it in a kind of hacky way, because it couldn’t even be run in Wayland itself until some point last year I think.

Greetd is simple and super reliable. There is a bit of flexibility with it in that you can choose between many different greeters. I think @nwg and I have both been experimenting with the very excellent ReGreet project recently. :eyes:

I really like that you can set environment variables right in the config. No more wrapper scripts needed for launching the session!


I think @nwg and I have both been experimenting with the very excellent ReGreet project recently.

Very true.

Perhaps @sanky encountered some issue w/ nwg-hello? It’s quite a recent greeter, but nobody else reported problems so far. As far as I know, it even works on Slackware. :smiley:


Wow, that looks really slick! I was not aware of this project–more testing is in order I think. :thinking: :grin:

I also was not aware of that greetd.conf tip you mentioned in the doc. Nice one!


I mainly having issue when I install nvidia drivers properly. After installation when I reboot, it didn’t appear the login screen. I have to press ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+alt+f3 , then login window appears… I switched to sddm and boom…! Problem solved…

And for the nwg-drawer I know there is manual configuration I can do to make theme more consistent but didn’t because I wanted to do it graphically as in the GitHub page, it is mostly advisable to use GUI.

Can you please share the style.css of the waybar …? it looks dope … :grin:

Proprietary? I’ve never tried them on Hyprland. Maybe you could try with sway --unsupported-gpu? You’d need to change the config as described in README.

Generally - yes. But the panel, app launcher and the dock need to look differently, so they should not follow the GTK theme.