Has anyone tried nwg-shell in hyprland or sway?

Yes proprietary… Issue occurs when I installed nvidia drivers… but after changing to sddm, my issue is gone. I never tried sway as not good for nvidia. I only use hyprland. Hyprland now supports nvidia and I follow the proper steps to configure…

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So you could add those to /etc/nwg-hello/hyprland.conf.

One way or another: the next ISO release will let users choose greetd or sddm.

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That’s actually the Waybar for Garuda Sway. The style.css and config are here: etc/skel/.config/waybar · master · Garuda Linux 🦅 / Themes and Settings / Settings / Garuda Sway settings · GitLab

Once we get the Calamares issue sorted out I’ll put up the new ISO, which has this updated Waybar and a bunch of other changes.

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Thank you… :man_dancing:

? This one, or from wiki.hyprland ?

My ISO only works with SDDM (on all GPUs), other greeters failed when I started building the Hyprland Community version.

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Garuda hyprland doesn’t need manual nvidia drivers installation… I’m talking about nwg shell hyprland where I have to install nvidia drivers using hyprland wiki . And after manual installation done, greetd login doesn’t show login screen in nwg-shell… then I changed to Garuda hyprland and it works out of the box if you don’t change default keyboard layout… :grin:

Otherwise be ready for login loop… :smile:

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That’s fixed, but we can’t build new ISO’s at the moment.