Grub-Customizer | GrubCFG error line 218

Hi. I'm new here. And i saw about is not recommended to use Grub-Customizer, which i saw it too late. My fault. I saw a similar post like i will post, but which different error. I have the problem on the line 218 of grub.cfg. I searched about the line error but i only found for other errors.

That's the output of the terminal.

Captura de pantalla_2021-03-10_13-07-44

And that's the grub.cfg on line 218. Sorry if i'm disturbing you, and i will thank you ^^


and sorry, we can't fix customizer faults and please no pictures from terminal.


sudo micro /boot/grub/grub.cfg
menuentry "Shutdown" --class shutdown {

My 2 cent, reinstall and don't use grub-customizer :slight_smile:

Maybe read


There is a way to fix issues caused by grub customizer(which it always does, it's not good software to use anymore) by making a backup of a folder and then allowing grub to repopulate it. Let me see if I can lookup the fix

Don't quote me on it, but I believe you need to make backups of

See here: Fixing Grub After Grub Customizer Removed - #9 by Wollie - Support - Manjaro Linux Forum
The solution isn't verified on the post, but I roughly recalll doing something similar to fix the issue on an old install.

Also, make sure to reinstall grub afterwards so it can repopulate all the backed up files with default grub files.


I suggest to study this topic. It's interesting :wink: