Missing GRUB Menu Items

I wanted to make Linux-lts kernel my default kernel so I changed my boot entry via grub customizor. But after doing that snapshots, shutdown & reboot options are not available in grub menu. I tried reinstalling grub and repair config files through garuda boot repair as well. Booting works it's just missing these 3 options - snapshots, shutdown & reboot.

As i know its a bug on grub with btrfs that u can´t change default kernel .
And grub customizer is not recoment to use bec it can give many troubles

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Any ideas on how to restore the default grub menu(With all entries)? :frowning_face:

Sorry i don't no how.. But seach on the forum some have similar problems... Or wait till someone else know a solution

Don't use grub customizer ! It causes a lots of issue.

Morning @smoky ... U're diag might answer the very small problem i encounter...

Hi all.
I don't know how to solve the troubles created by the use of the grub-customizer.
There are for sure several threads in the forum about that.
Maybe you could even consider restoring a previous snapshot from the assitant (although it could be risky, normally you try a snapshot fron the grub and restore afterwards if everything works).

As far as the default kernel to start with, I think you could give a look here:

Okay I managed get the snapshots listed in the grub menu with grub-btrfs(Snapshots not getting updated though). But still missing shutdown and reboot entries. If anyone knows how to add them it'll be really helpful

If Im not mistaken these are provided by garuda-common-settings so try reinstalling that package & update-grub afterwards. Its possible that grub-customizer wreaked some havoc :eyes:


Maybe you could also give a look at this thread

checking /etc/grub.d/61_custom_leave_options

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