Garuda linux won't boot with an error for intel

Recently I have been having error whenever I started my laptop with Garuda. The exact error is

error: file  'boot/intel-ucode.img^/boot/initramfs-5.12-x86_64.img' not found.
press any key to continue...

Nothing happens when I press the key and later it just boots me to the grub. I used to use the snapshots from the earlier settings but I don't know why but the snapshots are cleared and it won't any system of mine. This problem started when I stopped an update in middle of downloading/updating and right now i am just booting from the disk image on my pen drive.

Can you chroot from your live USB to your installed system and update?

How do I do that?
I am not that well versed in the that side.

When you're on the live USB, you can either use the chroot tool on the welcome page or follow this tutorial

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What should I do next, should I try updating the system?

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It is having error with mirrors I think when I update.

It looks like you don't have intenet connectivity at all in the chrooted system.
By-the-way, you should copy terminal content in the forum post instead of pictures.


So what should I do now. My bad I'll do that now

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It worked now. Because I wasn't connected to internet when I opened chroot.

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You mean "the connectivity", i.e. the update completed successfully, or it also removed the issue?

Upgrade failed becuase of invalid or corrupted package. should I delete the cache and do it again?

Yes, that's a good thing to try, considering also the fact that you had to stop the update in the middle before.

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After you get into your system, please try:

sudo pacman -S intel-ucode

That should install the package you get the screamin' error about. Updating, as otherwise instructed, may do so also. Please be sure to re-boot.


Now it saying System disk not found. failed to run transaction hooks. sorry I couldn't copy the error(Chroot is not letting me right click for some reason).

Also said please close timeshift and try again. so I am trying that but I don't know how to close timeshift from terminal.

SKIP_AUTOSNAP= pacman -Syu intel-ucode linux-zen


Didn't work. It still ran pre-transaction hooks and gave the same error.

The exact error is

:: Running pre-transaction hooks...
E: system dist not found!
Unable to run timeshit-autosnap! please close timeshift and try again. script will now exit.. 
error: command failed to execute correctly
error: failed to commit transaction (failed to run transaction hooks)

Maybe it's just a typo:
SKIP_AUTOSNAP=1 pacman -Syu intel-ucode linux-zen

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