Garuda linux not loading icons in latte dock

Garuda linux not loading icons an latte dock dr4gnized kde

Try resetting the latte dock.


Mate you need to learn to follow the rules and use the template that is given when you make a new topic. Explain the problem in more detail (do you just see a wallpaper but no access to icons or programs at all?) and please post your garuda-inxi


Now if your problem is the same as the one in this link then try that solution if all you see is the wallpaper and nothing else. Without elaboration I don't know what your problem actually is though.

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Goto garuda assistant and there are flags available for things like fish, strawberry, etc
In it you will find latte dock also, click on it and click apply, it will reset latte dock
Your problem will be gone..


But now my system do not boot up

Stuck on loading linux zen loading initial ramdisk

Tell us what you did to make it not boot up. Did you reset your configs in garuda assistant? Have you tried restoring a snapshot?

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Yeah re set to defaults as you said but now not loading :sob: i don't want to re install os

Tried restoring a snapshot? If that doesn't work maybe try chrooting into your system and reinstall Zen and Zen headers or try the LTS kernel. Also try booting different kernels via the advanced options submenu in grub

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I'm a bit puzzled, if you "only" reset the Latte-dock config, that should really not impact your booting capabilities... something else is going on in there.


But after update not working now i am scared

Planning on trying any of the things I suggested?

Thank you grimy now working phew

Oh. Good then. What fixed it?

I was very scared

Ha there you go, you did the reset + Update the system (which is good!), so something screwed up with the update. Glad it's back now, though.

system specs are 32 gb ram Intel i9 now working i Know what is issue
Error occurred while updating now re updated now working flawlessly

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