Wallpaper only on bootup

Okay so this is really weird, was using the laptop earlier today, but booting it up now it only shows the attached wallpaper. No dock and keys don't seem to work or anything. I restored old snapshots and same exact problem. I really have no clue why this happened or how to fix it. Please help me I'm worried now

Okay quick update because I'm dumb. Terminal shortcut does work so I do have access to that

Maybe you could try in this way


Thank you that worked perfectly! Wasn't sure what to search on the forum to find that post as didn't think about the dock etc. So thank you for being better than me at searching the forum and suggesting. Definitely a very creative trick to fix the problem as just needed a way to access the Garuda assistant. I wonder if anyone knows why this problem may have occurred though. Like maybe updating the dock and some config from Garuda messed up needing a reset of the configuration to make it all good again? Anyway, I'm just updating the system before rebooting to confirm all is good again. So thanks again :+1:

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I usually use forum search as a first step, so I must admit I'm accostumed to do it efficently :wink:.
But not in this case: as you mentioned, the solution was so creative that stuck to my mind and I knew what to search (right click Garuda assistant, ordered by latest post) :blush:


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