Garuda Installation Failed

The first time I installed garuda, I had none of these issues. Garuda came in a single partition in my USB, so I didn't think much of it. Now it splits it into 2 partitions. I realize that yeah, I need to do so much more research on my system, lol. I will try that other imager option too. Thanks!

I think the issue has to be something similar to that. As stated above, usually, there's only one partition in my usb when I flash it, but I got 2 this time.
I installed Linux Mint temporarily for now cause I literally have no OS to boot in rip, and that went well. It has the partitions that you mentioned. I tried resizing the linux mint partition and installing garuda in that, but same issue.
PS: Video of my BIOS

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Thank you so so much for your efforts at helping me out! Dumb me thought I could do this in a few hours, not a few days, lol. I'm gonna try some stuff out in my spare time and do some more research before I make things worse. Thanks for giving your time!

EDIT: When I find the solution to this, I shall post here for future noobies like me.