Firedragon vs firefox

Personally l use Firefox for my daily Basics & studying. but sometime i faced lagging issue mostly when capturing screenshot

i have tried firedragon many times as it was default browser .. ....

**Can i use firedragon for my study purpose & general purpose **
And what about the searchx or whoogle ?
Can i get essential search result like google (study purpose)? ....

and what about the performence for

  • firefox synchronization,
    firefox reader view,
    saving to the library ,
    google meet
    bookmarks , etc..??**

And is it helpful to switch a under development browser for general and study purpose?

Regarding Whoogle it's a proxy to Google, it removes tracking, ads and stuff like that. If you prefer to change your default search engine you can do it in Firedragon.

I don't think Firedragon is "under development", it's under evolution like any good software. I use it hours per day, every day and would NOT want to use a different browser.


Google Meet will underperform on a Firefox based browser and I don't know about Firefox sync. Other than that, Firedragon can do everyting you listed.

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Firedragon is a great browser. I have recently switched from ungoogled-chromium to firedragon. I like to use both of these browsers because they take out a lot of the built in metrics that their parent companies have built in. Also firedragon has been hardened for increased security. Firedragon uses way less resources than ungoogled-chromium.

Firedragon syncs between devices and is the best thing ever. I can read stuff on one device and switch to another on the go and my active tabs are easily available. Google products work with firedragon.

As far as for study. Use both for a while and see what works for you. I personally am happy that this browser is under development as that means both security and new features will be integrated.

Whoogle is basically taking google search results and removing advertising results while increasing anonimity. Searx is does the same thing but with bing.

Please someone correct me if I am wrong or missing some things


I fully agree.
Firedragon is a fantastic browser.
It is privacy-focused and well performing.
For the daily use, you just have to invest some time in "studying" the various privacy extensions available (which is good, for a "privacy culture"), and if some site doesn't work, see which of them is blocking it and insert some exceptions.
In the end, everything works great.


Absolutely! And there are a few places where you can insert those exceptions, depending on what is needed to make that site work.

There is the about:config, there is the overrides.conf file, there is the uBlock default extension installed, and some other places in the Settings pages that I don't remember by heart.

Quite flexible while still keeping high privacy and great performance with low resources.


You might be thinking of DuckDuckGo, which uses (primarily) Bing's engine.

Searx is similar to Whoogle in that it also serves as a proxy filter between the user and the search engine to remove tracking cookies etc, but it can use many search engines.

According to Wikipedia: Searx can fetch search results from about 82 different engines.

I have never set one up, but since they are so deeply configurable I have heard it can be very complex and easy to get lost in the process. :woozy_face:


Can I still add Google as search engine?

Firedragon isn't syncing the passwords with my Firefox account.

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Yes you can still add Google, you have to retrieve it or add it in the list of Search Engines in Firedragon's parameters. Are you familiar with that?

As for syncing PW with FF account, I don't know if the devs removed that feature for security reasons or if it's still available.
Can someone else jump in on this one?

I Tried Firedragon but did not like the feel of it... settled on Firefox Chaotic-AUR since for some reason the package form extra or Garuda was acting weird with the themes on me... Happy camper currently on Firefox.

Firedragon is set up to use it's own sync server (not Mozilla's). If you want to set it up to use Mozilla's sync server, that process is detailed elsewhere in the forum such as here: Firefox sync is not working with firedragon - #3 by BluishHumility

Are you sure you want to be using Firedragon in the first place? You can probably save yourself some grief by just using Firefox if you are just going to end up trying to defeat all the baked-in privacy features anyhow.


I couldn't find any GUI to do that inside Firedragon.

Because there is not, follow the instructions in the link.