Error: symbol 'efi_wrap_1' not found GRUB rescue

Hello Garuda users.

I updated my system today after about 1-2 months of not using it. I restarted, but the system was stuck on Loading ram-disk...

I thought: that's fine, I'll just rollback to the snapshot taken just before the update. So I booted into the snapshot; snapper popped up asking if I want to restore the participation. I say yes. It asks me to restart immediately, which I do.

Now I'm prompted with the GRUB rescue screen saying:
error: symbol 'efi_wrap_1' not found

I'm using btrfs, and my assumption is that something went wrong during the restoration process from the snapshot. Using ls (hd0,gpt2) in grub-rescue, the system only states that it knows that it is a btrfs partition, but does not display any content.

Can someone please advise in due time! I could reinstall, but I don't want to setup my software again :sob:

Yeah for that stuck at initial ramdisk after update look here:

Also the reason for that error after restoring snapshot is that when you updated your system grub was updated as well but rolling back caused it to roll back grub as well. To restore grub you need to chroot into your system using a live usb and reinstall grub.


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