Can't sign in to firefox or signup for garuda sync

I just installed Garuda and starting to use Firedragon. However, I can't sync to firefox or signup for new sync with garuda. I keep getting this "Oh dear, something went wrong there. We've been notified and will get working on a fix"
I also tried to edit the micro .firedragon/firedragon.overrides.cfg

lockPref("identity.sync.tokenserver.uri", "")

and nothing happen. can anyone guide me thru this?

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Hey there :slight_smile:

How is your procedure for the login?

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i tap menu on the right corner, then click the sign, then I get the 500 error message

Is the post above really a "Solution"? It looks like you still get the error.
If so:


ok I will

Please see below for a possible fix!


if i do that will there be a risk ?
i really don't need or must have a Firefox account

thank you

As soon as you get Firefox Sync set up and syncing, you can turn RFP back on and it will keep working. You will have to temporarily toggle this back off whenever you want to go to for any reason.

The only risk this carries is that one of the strongest aspects of anti-tracking protection of the browser is disabled for a little while, but Mozilla are relatively good guys.


Thank you :slight_smile: