Can I install Garuda

Hello, I want to know if I can install Garuda on my laptop with the following specs:

  1. Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz
  2. RAM 8GB
  3. 64bit OS, x64 based processor
  4. Display Adapters - Intel (R) HD Graphics 3000

I believe 1 to 3 are fine but 4 maybe not as the website says 3.3 or better.

Would appreciate your guidance and it cannot be installed then any other distro recommendations?


Just boot up the live environment from a thumb drive. Then you get to see your hardware running Garuda and know if your hardware will handle it. (And that hardware probably will.)


Its above the minimum requirements, 30gb storage 4gb ram so you are all good!

ONe advice - Don't go for dragonized(KDE) it will probably lag as it lags on my machine a lot and I have identical if not better specs(No offense if u feel so)

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I can also tell you that I can see, via provided specs, several users in the forum with that card, so ... welcome :wink:

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Thank you! Although I was so amazed with the glowing icons :frowning: and wanted that theme but if you think that it will be slow then I will go with the normal one.

Just a few more questions.

  1. So I should download Garuda from the site (KDE Dragonized Addition) would love that
  2. Set BIOS settings as suggested on the website
  3. Create a bootable drive through recommended solutions
  4. Install


Some good references:


I would say just give kde dr460nized a try. If you like it in live media, install it.
If you don't, try other desktop environment.


All versions of garuda are themed. Just pick a DE and go with it. Dragonized Gaming edition just comes with steam, wine, lutris and retroarch preinstalled so its a substantial download but you get a fully operational system out of the box. Just update it. The non gaming edition is just the distro itself without all the gaming packages installed. You will have to get those after the install.

Thanks, I have downloaded and it is flashing on my USB. Do i need to do al the steps written in the installation procedure on the site. e.g reset bios to factory default etc etc. Or i can just boot it with the new USB and it will take care of everything.

The bootable won't do anything about the bios. As long as you can boot to it, you should be fine installing.


Thank you so much guys its installed and I am loving it. One problem that I am unable to resolve is that add remove program is not working. Any clue what I can do to fix it.


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Update your system fully, as addressed in the Wiki as Post installation tasks.
If I remember correctly, the problem is solved: there was a "side effect" on it due to another change, long story... should work, but if you like an Arch-based distro, you should invest some time in becoming familiar with the terminal and the pacman package manager :slight_smile:


I updated the system and in the end it asked me for all the software that I would be needing. It had everything from office to image editing and more. O checked what I wanted and then it completed the whole process but none of the software were installed. Plus the add remove program is still not working.

Any article or resource where I can learn pacman package and resolve this issue.


Could you please copy the terminal input and output of how you updated?
It should not ask you the software you need, only to confirm the packages to be updated, and sometimes confirmation for replacements.
Have you rebooted, and maybe tried to update again?
For pacman, if you are familiar with other distros and package managers:


I think he is referring to the garuda setup assistant. Hence the software choice.

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Could it be a case similar to this one? Some conflicts got unnoticed?

Best thing would be to repeat the installation with setup assistant or start installing with pacman and see if conflicts are rised.

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I'm running Garuda Xfce satisfactorily on a 2nd Gen i-3 N5050 Dell laptop with 4 gigs, same Intel graphics.


The older Barebones images needed Pamac-AUR installed first, else the same, or nearly so, would happen. The newer KDE Barebones are just fine. Can't speak for any of the other images.



So, please try:
sudo pacman -Syu pamac-aur
(this is the add/remove software)
and then try again the setup assistant to install the needed applications.