Garuda setup assistant asks for required software but did not install it just closes

I recently installed the Grauda linux. At the start up in Garuda Welcome window when I select setup-Assistant it asks to select all the software like Pycharm, VLC, OBS, ..... But at the end just closes.
I read the related article in the form but he did not have graphic card.
But I have arguably best GPU GTX 1060 6 GB and alacrity open up in my PC.
Still it's not downloading the software.
Please can you provide some inputs for this.

Thank you in advance

Hey there, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
There must be a package conflict which went unnoticed, do you have a list of what packages you ticked? :eyes:

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Sure here goes the list.

  1. Pamac ( Gtk Gui software center ) - extra Software centers
  2. gnome-firmware -extra Software centers
  3. Gnome-software - extra Software centers
  4. LibreOffice Still - Office suites
  5. Firefox - extra browser
  6. Brave - extra browser
  7. Telegram Desltop- communication software
  8. Zoom - communication software
  9. skype - communication software
  10. Slack - communication software
  11. Xtreme Download Manager - communication software
  12. Filezilla (FTP client) - communication software
  13. Putty (SSH/Telent client) - communication software
  14. Nitroshare (network file sharing via LAN)
  15. VLC - video software
  16. OBS-Studio - video software
  17. QtCreator - development software
  18. PyCharm - development software
  19. Docker - development software
  20. Virt-manager - virtualization software

Until dr460nf1r3 looks into the issue, you can get the selected apps installed (I hope you selected all of them you needed, successfully):

sudo pacman -S - < ~/pkglist.txt
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I think @dr460nf1r3 was right some package conflict went unnoticed.
I restarted and tried to installed the above listed packages again; this time it showed some conflict for brave something and asked to replace it or something.

Now it installed all the packages without any issue.

Thank you @SameExpert and @dr460nf1r3 for coming in with such fast response.

Totally loving this disto; amazing work.


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