Animated wallpapers in KDE

Maybe some animated wallpapers since support for that was added in KDE plasma 5.26, and they can look really nice. I am already using the KDE wallpaperengine plugin for animated wallpapers, but a decent selection of stock ones that go well with the dr460nized theme would be nice, particularly for people who don't own wallpaperengine or want to deal with the hassle of setting up. Wallpaperengine really isn't made for linux and launching paid windows software through steam to download wallpapers then using a KDE plugin to sort through the files of the windows software to retrieve the wallpapers from that is not user friendly

After I tried that once, I realized I wasn't cut out for it. :smiley:

Who needs moving backgrounds will surely find something on the internet.


They've had support for animated wallpaper in KDE a lot longer than 5.26. It's just a plugin. And there are a lot of animated wallpaper/backgrounds available from and other places.

Other than consuming a plentitude of RAM and other system resources, they can be very pretty. If they don't gum up the works with their system demands. :smiley: