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Hello, i have been trying garuda linux for a while, i use the Garuda KDE Dr460nized edition and i love it, but recently i faced a problem that i can't find a way to solve and its realy annoying. All my browsers for some reason, on the setting tab, have this message, " Your browser is being managed by your organization." which does not allow me to change some of my settings and also for some reason makes my browser start minimized and not in fullscreen. I have installed and uninstalled both firedragon and librewolf and the problem persists, i have also reinstalled the os and the problem is still here, this never happened before and im 99% sure that i did nothing to cause this. I can change my settings in firefox tho, and i don't see this message but the browser also starts minimized and never in fullscreen which is pretty annoying. I've google this a lot and found no working solution so i hope that someone here could help me.

Thanks :D.

Try reading the post directly below yours...


"but the browser also starts minimised and never in full screen mode, which is quite annoying."

It annoys me when programmes start in full-screen mode, especially as the menu bar is then gone and has to be reduced via a key combination.

All other complaints are unknown to me, unless extensions have been installed with pacman, in which case they also have to be uninstalled via pacman in order to no longer appear in the browser.

@elloquin is too quick for me :smiley:


i meant maximized and not in full-screen, my bad. The only extension is ublock origin which was installed via the add-on store from mozilla. Thanks for the help.

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sorry i did not see this, im going to try this out and ill let you know if it works. Thanks for the help, and sorry once again.

Thank you so much, this fixed my problem. I had tried before removing the policies.json file but never the firedragon.cfg which in my case solved the problem.

Thank you once again. :smiley:


You can edit your last post, no need to post like in a chat room.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


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