Yay "exists in filesystem"

I have installed Dolphin Emu and I want to install a fork of Dolphin called Primehack. Installing Primehack through yay gives me several errors such as these:

dolphin-emu-primehack-git: /usr/share/dolphin-emu/sys/Resources/[email protected] exists in filesystem (own ed by dolphin-emu) dolphin-emu-primehack-git: /usr/share/dolphin-emu/sys/Resources/Platform_Gamecube.png exists in filesystem (ow ned by dolphin-emu) ...

All my research into these errors has told me to override the files but I don't want to do that. I want both versions of the emulator installed. How do I do this without breaking something?

Are you absolutely sure it is possible to have both versions as in they would not conflict with each other?

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Um, I didn't even consider that a possibility. I just assumed there would be some way to install to a different location using the package manager. Then again, I don't really understand how Arch manages packages on a technical level.

Uninstall dolphin-emu and install primehack. Uninstalling dolphin-emu should keep your configuration, games etc. so when you want to use one of them, uninstall the other one.

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Ok that seems you cannot have both installed at the same time, unfortunately.

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Primehack should include proper conflicts in their package to make that clear.


According to the AUR package:
dolphin-emu-primehack-git conflicts with dolphin-emu-git.
If you check the latest comment, it seems someone manged to create a patch / change the PKGBUILD to install dolphin-emu-primehack-git along with dolphin-emu (not the git version, I think).


See also: Package installation says FILENAME exists in filesystem; “Failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)”


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