XFCE fresh install no package manager

It's not a problem to me, but just mere feedback. Recently I've installed Garuda on friend's PC (two days ago or so, .ISO also downloaded that day), and he has been asking me why there are no updates for his system and I get them. So I told him to search for "add remove software", but it was not there, and when I installed my system it was pre-installed already. As much as most of us don't care if it's there or not, noobs or people who don't want to use the terminal will rely on package managers, so I'd suggest to pre-install at least one package manager for them.

I also didn't bother to install any package managers in installation menu because I figured "add remove software" is already installed, just like my version of XFCE had. Not sure if it's only XFCE or other variants of Garuda as well, though.

Just use the installed octopi and read the annoncemants :slight_smile:

Other changes

Apart from that, there haven't been as many changes as usual. Still, we have some nice quality of life changes in store :wink:

  • Dr460nized editions Latte layout got adjusted and Octopi is shipped instead of Pamac as default package manager

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