Windows + Garuda dual boot = broken Grub

I have Garuda Gnome installed as primary OS with Windows 11 dual boot on another partition for some softwares which aren't working in Linux. But as we know Windows had some problem and I reset Windows keeping personal files. After resetting and reinstalling Windows Garuda option disappeared from BIOS and Boot menu. I can boot into Garuda only by selecting BOOT FROM EFI FILE and selecting grub.efi. But I want Garuda as an primary option in Boot menu. Please help me regarding this. Should I reinstall grub or there is another easy way?

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I think you could enter an efibootmgr entry for Garuda manually, but probably reinstalling the grub is easier, and it will also enter that entry...

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How can I add manually?

If reinstalling grub is easy, can you please help me how to do it? I am beginner so please can you give me step by step guide of doing so?

You can do it with a live USB (there are buttons for this) or manually like here:

For efibootmgr you can check the man page along with some internet reading, e.g. (just picked up the first hit of a search):

Reinstalling the GRUB has the advantage to solve the issue if windows has deleted also the GRUB (I don't know, and don't want to know much about the latest windows tricks).


The tutorial of reinstalling grub you mentioned above is confusing for me. Is there a simpler
way to reinstall grub?

As mentioned above


With Live USB, how can I do it? Please elaborate.

I don't have to elaborate, you have to try harder.
We don't like spoon-feeding here.
Have you tried to boot a live USB?
Have you checked the screen which pops up?

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It shows to install Garuda Linux but I have already installed. I only want to reinstall grub. What option to choose?

Open Garuda Welcome, you should see a button to repair boot.

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Yes thank you very much but one last question for choosing option : Install on, I have to select root or ESP or MBR? (I have GPT disk)

In MBR, my disk is shown as location, in root, Garuda BTRFS partition is shown as location and in ESP, FAT32 efi partition of Garuda and other of system is showing

Select ESP

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Sorry to disturb you. Please only help with really last question : in ESP, Garuda efi partition or other System partition? I am confirming because I don't want to brick my system.

I'd say ESP (EFI system partition)

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Done. Thank you very much for helping. I selected System EFI partition option and Garuda option was back within seconds. Thank you very much and Sorry for taking your much time. I am beginner that's why.


Always remember, that may not be permanent.

Microsoft wants Windows as the only OS, and will try to overwrite EFI to reflect that demand.

This is the reason Garuda Devs discourage dual-booting with Windows, as it really requires too much maintenance.


If ur curious, this is the non OS specific way to do it.

sudo grub-install --target x86_64-efi /dev/sda --debug

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