Why does Garuda use so much memory

Why is Garuda using so much memory? How can i set up the distro so it won't take up so much ram? I only use a web browser and konsole running Htop and it uses more than 3Gig of ram.

You can turn off Zram and other systemd services but your system will be slower afterwards probably :face_with_monocle:


The idle RAM usage is pretty high, how to I reduce it?

Its widely known that unused RAM is wasted RAM nowadays. In Garuda we use some performance tweaks that might increase RAM usage while improving performance such as systemd-swap.
Generally you dont have to worry about this. If you still want to save some RAM you can try disabling systemd services you dont use. This can be done by opening the terminal and typing "sudo systemctl disable --now" and pressing tab instead of enter. It will show you all active services which you can then disable. An example is bluetooth, not everyone uses bluetooth so the service could safely be disabled.

Browsers are known to eat up RAM, but unused RAM is wasted RAM :slight_smile:


On top of that, system RAM is pretty cheap these days. Why run with less than 16 GB, in which case 3GB isn't much to worry about.

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I start KDE and ...

Everything in life is relative, what is cheap to you is priceless to others. :wink:


Because it is intelligent....

Next release: "Garuda Next Gen artificial intelligence" using 100% RAM ootb managed by Cortana, cant drop below 100% and cant turn off the feature :rofl:


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