Which version should I choose

Guys I am moving to Garuda as my primary os, and the thing is I am a hacker and also like playing Minecraft. The deal is that I wanna use the KDE dragonised version but I am confused about which one should I be choosing, the major point of confusion is package management, sometimes some packages block installing many others (i have experienced this issue in Kali Linux btw that's how i know) the point where I get confused is, if say I am on the black arch edition then is there a package which would stop me from installing other packages and if I am on the gaming edition will it stop me from installing my hacking programs and packages??

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Hack, hack hack away until you've figured it out, then.

You have a lot to learn about Garuda, Arch, and package management. Rather than right a book telling you everything in minute detail, why not read up on your problem yourself. Mr. Hack. :wink:

The information is out there.


bro, I read a frikkin' lot, and that ain't how hackin' works, ye hear me, either give me helpful answers or don't answer at all, I don't mean to be rude (in case your reply was supposed to be a joke) but pls I am in desperate need of help

oh and thanks for replying btw, I just realized u were the only one who replied out of 29 people

I've never met a real "hacker" that ever called themself one. I suppose that may be because, being hackers, they figured out how to hack their problem without resorting to begging.

The First Rule of Hack Club is there is no Hack Club?

What do you think?


sometimes yeah, but this is a question that does not actually involve changing or rather patching tiny bugs (yeah, hackers can and do patch bugs, because most of us also have the mindsets of a developer) it's about changing the core behaviour of the os (I am referring to the package management) but anyways do u have a suggestion?

oh and that message was to help change ur misunderstanding that we mostly hack our problems

Yes sir, I do.


but really, hacking is dependant on community

bro, I know about all three of 'em. what I am asking is weather u have a suggestion on which flavor I should choose

btw, any Minecraft players here

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Its solved more than one time in forum.

Are there different meanings for the term hacker?

The first thing he should learn, or rather every PC user, is how and where to find solutions.


And since your contribution is not about a mistake, it has been published here.