When Minimized, The windows remains in the desktop until the System is restarted

Whenever i close or minimize the Windows the picture of the window Stays at the Desktop and does not close. Please Help me Solve this Issue. Thank You !

Minimize and close are way different, you need to be more specific it will be very helpfull if you provide a photo/video

First read ...

and post terminal in- and output from

inxi -Fza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.


No pics, please,
@regularCoder new user can't upload to the forum. :smiley:

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Imgur is a plausible alternative or it isnt allowed for newbies to post imgur aswell?

He is welcome to do so, but no one from the team will open external pages and look at pictures or videos.


Sorry, for not placing the question correctly. Actually the problem was: Whenever i close the application the exact picture of the application stays behind and only if i reboot my system it goes off. But Thank You So much for your Replies. I got a solution while just fiddling around with the settings..[UPDATE] My Solution was to Change the Latency to : "Balance of Latency and Smoothness". in the Compositor Settings.

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That's not an Issue sir, I just Solved the Problem. BTW Thank You So Much!!


So much respect, after a long time.

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U should be respected Sir.


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