When i boot, the screen goes all RGB. only red, green, blue

Does garuda not work with igpu?

i have a i5-6500 with no dedicated graphics card

after installing, when i boot, the screen goes all RGB. only red, green, bkue color appears one by one
what could be the problem here?

i have two monitors, the main one only shows rgb colors while the other one is kinda greyish, but shows mouse cursor and nothing else

Does garuda not work with igpu?

Are you serious?
If you are, then there is a communication problem by default.
Start searching Garuda Wiki and Garuda forum.
Post only after studying and provide sensible info, if you want any help from a distro with only dGPU/dualGPU support. :upside_down_face:


If it works in live media, it is supported, off course.

There might be some problem. Try pressing esc and see if something is fishy. Also, try reinstalling. We can’t really help due lack info.

And welcome to the community.


that's why i never post in forums
always getting ridiculed for asking a question
not one is born geeky
I'm new to linux and I searched like crazy for days after posting this and English isn't even my 1st language so it's hard following wikis as there's too complex stuff for my brain to understand

what info do you guys require? I'll try to do that and post here. i tried pressing every button.
if not then i guess I'm stuck with windows forever

Your English look adequate. I am not English either. I use online translators.

Then you "ll never learn. Learning requires to get dirty, meaning you have to RTFM a lot!.
If you think reading is not for you, then learn from your mistakes, because this isn’t a personal support place (if you misunderstood…).

Exactly. But you have to want to learn, if you want to learn. :man_shrugging:


if I didn't read the manual i wouldn't be able to install garuda
I'm wanting to learn, and I'm learning but I can see why lots of people quit midway learning new stuff.
it might be my fault however a forum exists for helping the users. when one fails to get the answer they're looking for thet come to the forum
and the way you're talking to me is like I'm a criminal
you probably were trying to help me however your behaviour seemed kinda rude to me
anyway, you can go back doing your thing now, sorry for wasting your time mate, i guess I'll again RTFM
it looks like people gets hurt when someone ask for their help

We need much more info about your hardware and which DE you use (GNOME, KDE…).


and post in- and output from terminal/konsole

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.


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