What specific changes to Arch are responsible for increased performance?

Hello friends. About a week ago I tried Garuda OS and it completely flipped my view of LInux gaming. My card, the broken-on-Windows RX580, stutters on every other distro. In Gardua, they all run smooth as butter. Smooth as I've ever seen.
Toying around with Garuda and learning its in and outs eventually snowballed into me finally installing vanilla Arch, after 14 years of toying with the idea. I did it with huge success. I'm using the zen kernel.
The only problem.. I cannot replicate the performance I was getting with Garuda. On garuda I can tell instantly the moment I launch game by the particle effects in the main menu of games that its working better, every single other distro stutters for me in this regard.
So how can I Sherlock Holmes to discover the source of that performance boost? It must be the driver, right? I have a bunch installed on Arch but according to xorg it is only using the amdgpu one.
If I can replicate Arch's performance to be like Garuda's, it would be a perfect world.
(...or should i just stick with Garuda and call it a day, eliminating update-manual-intervention anxieties?)
Game on :slight_smile:

I want tell you how its done ? but they will kill me if i do :joy: :grinning: I would just stick with the best gaming distro ? Garuda

The sources are on Gitlab for all to see.


i installed both packages and now my arch installation won't boot. i no longer even want help. have a good day

With great power comes great responsibility.

Or, at least something like that is the Linux mantra.

A good captain is not made from calm seas


A good captain also goes down with his ship
Sayonara, world!

I mean, that's kind of the point of Garuda.

Use it and enjoy.


You could try to work backwards by building from garuda source instead and just removing the packages you don't need? Or try barebones edition.