What made garuda work so well for me?

So I got curious because of this post

I have attributed garuda's stability to just having all the necessary packages installed however I do not know what those packages are but would like to know.

Would it be possible to download the garuda source and either another arch based distro's source or perhaps even garuda barebones and just compare them to figure out what packages are included and what not? Ofc I am talking about system packages not customizations. I like the way garuda looks and I don't wanna mess with that because I have ruined many a working system because I discovered how to customize it.

Edit: The title probably needs to be restated because I couldn't think of a better way to word this.

The answer is in the link you post.

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Those are performance-tweaks and garuda-common-settings. I was talking about packages.

If you take a look at whats actually inside these repos it should be easy to find out: these are configuration files which are added to the system. So its of course possible to use them on another system :eyes:
Btw, barebones does have these packages as well :smiley:


Ah interesting! Is all of garuda basically built with PKGBUILDS? I am looking at the bluetooth package and found out that it uses bluez.

You're looking for a source-based distribution like Gentoo?


You may find these interesting:

pacman -Q
pacman -Qm

No. I just have no idea how a distro is built.

Are you trying to build your own Arch based distro?

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