What is your lower-end hardware that Garuda still runs on?

Before upgrading, Garuda Dragonized, Garuda XFCE and Qtile ran pretty snappy with my i3-2100 (Sandy Bridge), 12 GB of RAM (yeah, 2+2+8 GB sticks) and NVIDIA GTS 450 (although I needed old drivers to make it work). What is your old/weak hardware that nevertheless Garuda is still usable on?

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Minimum Requirements

  • 40 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better

I know about that page, and it's the requirements for Ultimate edition. I asked about user experience, not recommended system requirements.

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The i3 edition runs nice on my Thinkpad X201...4gb Ram (DDR3 - It's old ok :smiley:) and old i5 processor. I don't use it too much but when I do it seems to work ok....


I regularly test it on my pc.

Here is neofetch

And it runs quite smoothly

(It is old neofetch, but latest iso, 210329, works absolutely fine too)


In hindsight the laptop I use now is not exactly any better.... :laughing: :sob:.

CPU: Intel Pentium(R) 4415U (4) @ 2.3GHz 
Memory: 2789MiB / 3793MiB (73%)

Now I'm depressed thats the best hardware I own. :sob: :sob:

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Does my hardware count (Look in my profile.)

Don't worry, it is the best pc I have. It is 7 years old. And I like it



7 years old mine is 9.

Well this i7-3520M is still decent


it's the GPU Minecraft at 60 fps max :frowning_face:

Mine is 9 years old too, but I recently bought a used Xeon 1270 v.2 (i7 3770K server equivalent) and RX 580.

At least it's 60. Mine was running around 40

Why does Minecraft run so slow when it has very simple graphics?

Also, if it makes any sense to give comparison of different OS.

Garuda Linux is working fine, almost all editions. Linux zen is much faster and better then Linux LTS, difference is noticeable.

Win 7 : worked fine except a bit lags
Win 8 & 8.1 : really noticeable lags
Win 10 : doesn't work at all

Linux mint : worked fine from Mint 18 to 19.2 (I didn't use further)
Fedora 38 didn't boot fine, but froze during installation
Elementary os and zorin os worked fine.
Ubuntu worked slow.
Arch Linux and Manjaro worked fine too

Umm, that's all I could recollect (though I have tested a dozen more os, the above comparison is enough imo.)

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Mine has no lag on any os even macos.

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Fujitsu-Siemens from 2002, 768 KiB RAM, work only with MX Linux, no USB, install over CD/DVD?
I can't remember :smiley:
Fine for data backup but don't try to use a browser.

Ooops, OT, sorry.
But this PC is older than some user in this topic :smiley: :rofl:


My guess is that Java is not that good for games. Bedrock Edition is written in C++ and works much better, has higher render distance and other graphics features.

But you can't mod it :frowning-person:
EDIT why is there no gender inclusive emojis on the forum?

btw there is opensource minecraft killer that entirely focuses on the idea of mods, Minetest. I guess it's another candidate for unofficial Garuda servers, lol