What is the effect of changing the font?

For such an avatar I would do without mine. This is not possible in combination with my avatar. It is the good spirit that drives away the demons. That is why he is rewarded daily with sweets, frangipani flowers and of course a cigarette. He watches over my bamboo hut.


If you live in another country (unfortunately not at the moment) you have to accept the customs and traditions, otherwise you won't have any fun. :grin:


This format would actually be super practical for a sticker!


My opinion on this:

What you name should be written in the script of its own language, that would be more precious and perfect. For example, in English you can't exactly say how to pronounce Garuda (you can spell "Garuda" as गरुडा/गरूडा/गारुडा/....., all can be just "Garuda", you can't distinguish) (Please don't quote this, I'm not good in English) but the actual name is गरुड (that's the beauty of this language, exactly write what you pronounce letter by letter). Any word can be best written/described in its own language's script than any other. I never name a Chinese movie in English script. I always keep it's name like 我是誰. It's fun to learn and to keep the originality as it is. You'll also learn at least to write the name in the original script.

If the name is line "Linux Mint", "MX Linux" etc. it's good to be written in English, but in the case of Garuda, गरुड would be more appropriate :sunglasses:

Again, it's your creativity. You can have whatever script and font you would like to have! Just shared how I'd prefer, not how it should be!

I also liked this :+1:


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