What is the advantage and the difference? / Was ist der Vorteil und der Unterschied?

Was ist der Vorteil und der Unterschied , zwischen Floorp und Firedragon ?

What is the advantage and the difference between Floorp and Firedragon ?

Extra settings like Librewolf ?

In a nutshell, this file /usr/share/firedragon/firedragon.cfg
You can take a look at it and see all the settings.

A part from that, FD uses a different UI Theme (Sweet Dark) and has its own Firedragon Settings Pane (tnx to @stefanwimmer128).

FD also has a very short set of included Extensions, pre-installed.

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You might find some additional info here:


In /usr/share/firedragon/firedragon.cfg i have no folder or file there ?

Only in /usr/lib/firedragon is a firedragon.cfg

I’ve known about this difference for 2 days. This additional part of Librewolf.

And this isn’t available in Floorp?
Do I understand this in the right manner ?

Yes. /usr/lib/firedragon/firedragon.cfg defines the default settings that are applied on top of the floorp base. Thus changing how the browser works out-of-the-box.


Yes I made a typo, I was doing stuff in /usr/share when I responded, doh! :smiley:
Tnx again @stefanwimmer128 ! It’s /usr/lib/firedragon/firedragon.cfg


May be more convenient to see at

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