Weird slow internet on all of my home pcs

Hey networking wizards! Before I start I am not putting this question in networking category because this issue is more of a router thing I suppose because both of my 2 home pcs undergo this.

So here's the deal
I have a 200mbps connection, doing speedtests on my mobiles I get 190ish mbps, but froma few days back both of my pcs barely reach 50mbps, one is fully customized and old, but the bummer is my few months old computer is also encountering this, the same router and connection used to work properly a few days back and boom both of my pcs are slow.
What according to you be causing this?

Are the PCs wired or wireless?

If they are wireless, what specific wireless hardware do they have?

My eyhernet is capped at 100mbps on both sides and yes ethernet gives me in the 90ish range which seems alright, Should I move this post to garuda community? As this is not a garuda specific problem, I am more like seeking advice .

One has a qualcom atheros
02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 30)

The one with qualcom wifi has wired aswell but the other one doesn't.

The second one has some Intel qifi card which I can't pull up right now.

I assume you've already tried to at least restart your router.
Maybe you could try resetting it to factory defaults?
Is your router managed (also) by your ISO? So that maybe they pushed a firmware update?

Done it quite a few times. Whats interesting Here is why only pcs? Why not other things like my mobile I am getting the usual 190mbps on that, and no it's not managed by my isp. Resetting the router would be a risky thing considering its a adsl line, and not many techies can come to my house to fix it up. Due to the lockdown

Maybe they use different WiFi bands 2.5ghz vs 5ghz and different channels

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No I have confirmed all devices are on the 5ghz band, tbh I am in disbelief how can 2 computers suffer this, if it was one then maybe it was a hard ware or software problem, but no

Maybe you can try disabling on the router the 5ghz module to see how it goes with 2.5ghz...

2.4 ghz will just decrease the speed, 5ghz was working fine till. Few days back

That's true, but 2.4ghz can reach something like 600MBps, so, given the problem, maybe you could consider trying...
In the end it's quick and simple, and at least something different to test.

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from the pc try pinging your router gate way address and see what the latency is?
Check the pc have not reverted to 2.4 ghz as 50mbps is in the 2.4ghz range

I will try that asap,
I did notice one thing, On my mobile for the past 15 to 20 speed tests I am getting the same mirror(the biggest city near me) but on my laptops I am getting assigned servers in different parts of the country, which are over 500kms away!

My wireless has multiple ssid feature maybe disabling the 2.4ghz ssid dedicate more resources to the 5ghz band?(router)

That will only give you latency issues not speed unless they are crap

One more thing is the latency, on my mobiles I am getting acceptable(believable) latency 10ms to 18ms, but on my laptops I am having some kind of nasa internet, 0ms ping

ok if you no how to do this log into your router and disable the 2.4ghz wireless and then reboot your router and your pc/laptop
edit: but this will shorten the range of your wireless

just remenber these are the real world speeds you might get

  • 802.11ac at one metre: 90MBps, 10 metres: 70MBps and at 20 metres behind two solid walls: 50MBps

Any significant thing to blame that happened few days ago?

Also, there might be isp problems sometime. Happened with me just a few days ago.


I did the tests sitting at identical spots.

But the same connection, same band works fine in mobiles

That's strange :thinking:

Just a thought, try in live medium to make sure that this is not issue with os.(like firewall or vpn )