Wayfire is fire 🔥

Just burnt it on a usb and now I can't stop opening and closing windows...

But seriously, wow! I am realizing now, I have only explored the beginning of what the different Garuda editions offer. I think next I will try LXQt-KWin.


yes it is indeed. I am currently using Wayfire version. Btw, does your default file manager prompts open correctly? like choosing a wallpaper from different directory so file manager prompt opens. At first it opened just fine for me, but now whenever I do this, Wayfire crashes and kicks me out of the session. I think some environment variables are missing or something.. but I dont know.

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Not quite sure what you mean by that

Only a day into hard install of Wayfire and I am even more certain now that this is the future of desktop environments. I just love the Wayland workflow, with the random window placement, the wicked fast animations and the manual configs. Everything is so smooth!
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Is there a close animation?

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Nice does it do the same when opening windows?

Sure does

Also notice: I can take a screenshot in real time! For the first time in Garuda.


How do you do that on wayland?

It just works. Saves it to ~
In KDE no matter which screenshooter I used it was always delayed. Actually I don't know if delayed is the right word. It seemed to be caching an earlier image of the screen rather than what's on it now, if that makes sense.
@dr460nf1r3 what are the chances we're gonna have a dra460nized-wayland soon?


Actually thats hard to say. Wayland support has been getting better some things are still not ready yet, KDE has a comprehensive list of those so fitting called "Wayland showstoppers" :smiley:


Im looking into a variant that is lightweight just for development.

Im downloading sway now, but i think ill burn wayfire also to try

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I tried Wayfire live USB and it's awesome :star_struck: I'd rather call it a game :fire:

What I didn't understand, was
  1. Couldn't open some apps like ranger fom Applications Menu. But I could from terminal.
  2. Something called "Background View" in Wayfire Settings, which had "mpv" in it's command, wasn't doing anything. It seems to be a video wallpaper? But did nothing, or just I didn't notice it :thinking:
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Sway is probably better if you prefer tiling, but if you want a modern looking de and don't play games or stream, Wayfire is perfection.

That is my only caveat so far. Can anyone tell us how to edit menu items?

Hmm, I'll try it. To be honest, I haven't played with Wayfire Config Manager too much, it's got a lot of stuff!

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If you want less buggy wayland you can try gnome.

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Why Wayfire is not good for games ?

Since Wayland rewrites the whole way application communicate with the display, many compatibility layers that worked with X, including proton, still need reworking. I also haven't managed to get OBS to work, even though I read it's possible.


so does wayfire work with nvidia driver? its crazy laggy for me til I turn some effects off, and even then its still laggy. trying to get nvidia driver to work has just led to greeter daemon failure.

i freaking love how it looks and works, its exactly what Ive been looking for....so of course it looks like I might not be able to use it lol

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Short answer: NO

Wayfire + NVIDIA, worst combination. Try other DE.
And welcome to the community.