Wallpapers and pictures from Miordmiro for 2024

First off happy new year 2024 :slight_smile: its late but better late then never happen.
i thought about my quality in my big previous thread and came to the point that i can reduce the image size and increase the quality to 5120x2880+ the wallpapers have this on default on this post and i want to go to create new techniques to have a persist experience, after that i post some “wallpapers” i hate my work a bit sorry :smiley: that i have optimized a bit but afterwards i will create new stuff for the future , it shouldnt be a variation more and more , thats the reason for new stuff and less boring :wink: maybe we can make a garuda contest for all community users and teammembers the best choosen from the community will win or something idk, oh and the other thread named “Native Wallpapers from Miordmiro for You” can be closed if sgs wants i would concentrate me on this :slight_smile: so have already have a nice slide in 2024, have fun, let the madness win…a bit of course :wink: :dragon:







hopefully somebody will accept this, sorry for posting so much ;(


I lean towards the blue stuff, but I’ve seen enough dragons already.

Nonetheless, really great work!


Pish-posh. There’s never too many dragons! :wink:

Great work, @Mior_D_Miro !


Subjective perceptions can be misleading. :wink:


Yes, Blueflare-x is good. Malefor-x is also good and much better than the faulty Malefor.
As I always say, it’s a matter of taste. :slight_smile:

About contest

Everyone downloads as many dragons as they want, the competition is already over with the “Hearts”.

Not everyone who likes and downloads something here also leaves a like :slight_smile: . We are not “You Tube” or KDE :smiley: .

When it comes to competitions or likes, I would have to set i3wm or Hyprland, for example
Hyprland Downloads | 231219 | Fixes | Nvidia
Over a thousand downloads, but only 12 people liked it.

Even if someone doesn’t win any contests, is their stuff bad?
It’s also just a snapshot of certain registered users.
We don’t know what people are up to here, but if e.g. on a day with over 20000 anonymous forum visitors (vs 2700 members, IIRC)18000 of them downloaded your dragons, what are the benefits? :slight_smile:
Or none. Are you depressed, then?


I’m just adding simply fantastic. Thanks


Truly epic!


awww thank you so much all :blush:
my brain looks like this always so it cant be ok :smiley:



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Rave – hmm i experiment with different style about months the problem i have is to imagine what i should create and i dont know if its good or not i hate my work :smiley: but this is ok i think

Happy Easter from Germany :dragon_face:


i think it would be a cool kde default wallpaper for 2024. looks really good!


I also think, that is very good. As long as the work is original, then you should post it on the following thread for consideration to be included in the next Garuda release:

It doesn’t have to be something recent that you’ve created. Even if you’ve posted your art before on the forum in the past, feel free to repost or link to it on the thread dedicated to the next release I created.

We’d like to have as many contributors from the community as possible join in the creative process for our next release.

Please post any of your art that you think should be considered for inclusion in the next release.

Overlaying either the words “Garuda” or “Bird of Prey” on any of your original artwork would increase your chances of having your art included in the next release.

Keep up the great work.


I think that would fit even better. :slight_smile:

I also tried to bring it to “standard” dimensions (3840x2160, 1920x1080)
but the original is different.


OK hi everybody from the nicest community , i have corrected Rave and post Garudas as test too, wish all of you a best week you rock

Rave - - corrected

Garudas - - test


This would be amazing as the default wallpaper for the next release.

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Which one?

BTW, here is a contest thread about wallpapers for Artwork for the next release.


Rave for me! :smiling_face:

ok ladies and gentleman, we have 4 days to choose an other more image from my upload for the art-contest so i insecure about my choose about this so i wanna make a opinion poll for that :slight_smile: and thank you very much for your likes and kind words i love it | to choose are all wallpapers of this thread for further post in art-contest-thread so which one should i take? :thinking:

  • Garudadragon
  • Ignite-x
  • Lotosdragon-x
  • Malefor-x
  • Blueflare-x
  • Bluestar
  • Fruits
  • Rave
  • Garudas
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the rave one, its so clean