Artists: participation in the upcoming release

Maybe @SGS can give me a pass on this thread not containing a garuda-inxi, so it doesn’t end up in the dreaded 412: Precondition Failed trash bin. :rofl:

Well, enough frivolity already. :smiley:

With the newest Garuda release just around the corner, I thought I’d create a thread soliciting submissions from the aspiring artists in the Garuda community.

Do you feel you have the talent it takes to create artwork for inclusion in Garuda’s next release? Perhaps you feel you have what it takes to create Garuda’s newest visually stunning distro wallpaper. Well fellow Garudians, now is the time to step forward and show us what you’ve got!

Use this thread to showcase any artwork you’ve created that you would like given consideration for inclusion in the next upcoming Garuda release. The upcoming Garuda release is going to be flying the “Bird of Prey” code name. Including the wording “Bird of Prey” and/or “Garuda” overlaid on any submission will certainly increase your chances of being selected for inclusion in our next release.

We already know we have some great artists in our community, but perhaps you’ve never posted any of your artwork publicly on the forum before. Now’s your opportunity to step forward and participate in the creative process for Garuda’s next great release. :artist:

Come on community, show off your creativity.

Edited; to add further info condensed from posts created after of my original post:

Submissions will be closing on April 21st, so get any artwork you’d like to have considered for inclusion posted before the cutoff date.

A poll will be created from the artwork submitted on this thread for community members to vote on. In this way the Garuda community can decide on which artwork they’d most like to see included in our next release’s wallpaper pack.

Artwork created with the assistance of an AI may be submitted. However, voters should be informed if any submission is not wholly your own artwork. Images based on other artists original work, or created with the assistance of an AI should be identified as such. Artists should state this up front, so these factors can be taken into consideration when voting.


Somebody must be the first :wink:

Remix of @TilliDie s login wallpaper :slight_smile:


“Bird of Prey” is kinda generic, don’t you think? I mean, Crows are “birds of prey” too.

You gonna call it “Flying Forest Rat Linux”? :wink:


Careful now, or a Bald Eagle may take offence and take one of your pussy cats on a one way trip. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve lost chickens to them, so you never know what they may whisk away. I have a very small 5-6 lb Pomeranian dog and I’m always concerned the Eagles may be eye balling her. :eye:


In Juneau, Alaska, where Bald-eagle heads shine out of the treetops like lost golf balls, all small animals travel the streets underneath parked cars.

The damn things lift 15-20 pound salmon out of the channel.

But worse, are the damn Ravens. I had one steal a 3-pound package of Tillamook Cheese (sharp cheddar) out of a grocery sack in the back of my pickup truck. They have no shame. But they’re well-fed.


Sorry for the delay in coming up with some artwork but i,m having to get Garuda cleaned up after getting paint all over it :rofl:


Paint? More like some other distros blood. :rofl:


Cool idea i like :sunglasses:




I know some off you like red


This is freaking awesome !!! Well done TilliDie, great job!


After a bit of gitlab learning an struggle, I made something the other night. Ultrawide version 4k version


*imgur link to all three Garubble - Album on Imgur


I decided to go for something painterly, using Krita and ArtRage:


Keep the great art coming!

This is exactly what I was hoping to see. :ok_hand:

Original photo: Mark Kelley, Juneau, Alaska. Taken @ Glacier Bay.

Just to illustrate to aspiring artists what a true “Bird of Prey” looks like where I come from. :slight_smile:



Keep the spectacular artwork coming! Awesome work on the current group of submissions from our great artists in the Garuda community. :clap:

Submissions will be closing two weeks from now (April 21st), so get any artwork you’d like to be considered for inclusion posted here before the cutoff date.


I will likely create a poll on this thread, so that the Garuda community can decide which artwork they’d like to see included in our next release’s wallpaper pack. :ballot_box_with_check:

Keep the great artwork coming folks! :heart_on_fire:


A few artwork entries for the upcoming release. Hope it is okay to post AI-generated artwork.

Images were generated by me with Stable Diffusion using a Gardua / Bird of Prey related prompt and postprocessing in GIMP.