Wallpaper resetting to black color after reboot

After the latest kde update, the wallpaper keeps resetting to a blank/black color. Everything else is the same except that.
Is there any way I can fix this?

The 'inactive blur' is broken with the Plasma 2.5 update. I am sure it will be update soon, but in the meantime, right-click on your desktop and hit 'configure desktop and wallpaper', then under 'Wallpaper Type' switch it to 'image.'


I did that, and everytime I reboot or logout it defaults back to using the inactive blur setting.

That is odd. Make sure you are hitting both apply and ok after selecting 'image' and an actual wallpaper to use.

If nothing else, hit the 'get new plugins' and search for 'inactive blur', then hit the "uninstall." If it won't let you that means it is installed via the repos, so use a package manager and search for it, and remove it. Hopefully it is not a dependency on a Garuda theme package or something.

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