Vlc still running after close vlc software

hey i play a video to vlc and close vlc imidiate and again i try to play video but not play then i go to task manager then i see vlc already run after close and there are not shown in screen vlc, i kill task manually and play again then its play video, and after play video i close it and again play video for test perpose its work or not then its play so why vlc not kill task after play a video file to vlc and imidiate close vlc and if i play video and stay 1 or more than 1 sec then there are no issue. where is the issue desktop environment or vlc software i use garuda xfce version and i update all pakages this time but still i found that type of issue. anyone have any idea please reply

use mpv
do not use vlc


thank you i hope its work all function that vlc have function

mpv is in general much better, so as librewish said, use it. Or if you prefer GUI, use smplayer.

This is a VLC bug. Please report upstream, or add your voice to the existing bug report.

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oooooooooooow thanks but that time i not do that its ok i am not perfect in command but i feel better to hear its work in mpv

You can set Smplayer as the GUI frontend for MPV. Smplayer is not particularly good looking by default, but if you install its themes and skins packages Smplayer looks great. Smplayer is far better than VLC in my opinion. Once you get familiar with it you will never want to go back to VLC.


yes i install it and its good its so many option available but i have a confusion what is the relation between mpv and smplayer please explain

Smplayer is frontend to mpv

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wow thtats a grate video player ya you are right its not only replace vlc also its good

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