Software for change video format

hey thank for suggestion but you have any software for change video format software there is available in vlc have any software like vlc please suggest me liberwish or anyone who see this post

Change video format? You mean transcode? If yes, then mpv can do it. I use mpv to encode video all the time. It's much better than vlc as you can use all the ffmpeg filters and, as I do, vapoursynth filters.

i want to change formatt like anyother format to mp4 can i do this in mpv please reply.

yes you can. But it requires some setting up and a bit of familiarity with the terminal. If you are wiling, I can help you with that. Or you can simply use handbrake, if your main goal is encoding ( without fancy video/audio filters ).

Ffmpeg is the software that you are looking for.

But it takes long time, depending on your hardware.

So you have to try yourself and see.


thank you for suggestion :blush:

If you need to encode your video try this.

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Welcome back, @9MZa.

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BTW you can open it in kdenlive and just render it to mp4.


I really love Garada KDE now. So fantastic. :star_struck: