Videos and games are choppy with low FPS?

I installed steam and tried to play a couple of games they are choppy with screen tearing and low FPS i have a MSI RTX 3070 so there is no excuse for it run slow. Maybe i don't have the right drivers the proprietary drivers don't work neither. As far as videos go they are choppy but the audio is perfectly fine maybe it's a driver thing or something else thanks for the help in advance

search in the forums... This has been answered lots. Hint: prime-run

ik it has but this is as close as i can get to my problem when i search

are you using prime-run?

idk what i'm using? how can tell what i'm using? I never have used linux before so this is all new to me. I have used windows my entire life and wanted to try something new and privacy oriented

basically whatever game you are playing. put "prime-run" in front of the command. you can easily try from konsole or alacritty.

Prime-run forces the game to use your Nvidia card.

I was just like you. Windows user since 3.11... This distro is the first time that I haven't booted windows in a month. There is a little bit of a learning curve to linux in general.


so i do sudo pacman prime-run Left 4 Dead 2? (just using that as a example)

yeah i'm loving the OS so far and learning it too is fun youtube only goes so far for this OS before i have to ask

don't sudo anything unless you absolutley need to. Sudo give root privileges. Pacman is another program for installing/removing/updating software.


prime-run /gamesfolder/left4dead2

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and this won't conflict with steam or anything? is there anything i can do of that nature for videos on youtube too? or do need to create a different topic for that?

Try it see if it makes a difference to you either way.

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thanks for the help man i won't be able to try it until the morning anyways about to go to work. I'm gonna leave this open for anybody else who wants to put their 2 cents in

Cheers. here is a link with another trick to try for steam.

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thanks I'm just used to windows and clicking things and just expecting it to just work without issues I already solved a number of problems myself on here but on YouTube its nothing but people rating how great the OS is instead of how to use it.


You can't learn linux on youtube, start reading.

or use the simple bad M$ OS.

bad choice of words but still chill you always this hostile?

it says after i tried it

ā•­ā”€[email protected] in ~
ā•°ā”€Ī» prime-run /gamesfolder/left4dead2
prime-run may be found in the following packages:
extra/nvidia-prime 1.0-4      /usr/bin/prime-run

do i have it install that?

/usr/bin/prime-run is the contents of the nvidia-prime package.

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so just have to put that in front of the command and then specify game file and (game)

I do not know. I am not yet licensed.


licensed? i didn't even know you could be licensed for Linux but hey you learn something new everyday! In my opinion and view on life if you ain't learning you ain't living :grinning:

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