Vertical Screen Aspect Ratio

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I am using a triple screen setup; two 23" screens and a 14" laptop screen all. One of the screens is vertically oriented. On it, I would like to have a fully vertical view of any given window, however the window maximizes only to the height of a landscape view and leaves most of the screen empty. Stretching manually is also capped like this and so are all methods for maximizing. I have found a workaround; setting the aspect ratio to 16:10/1920x1050 solves the problems, but leaves about 1.5" of black space at the top on bottom of the screen.

I would like to get a fully vertical window at 1920x1080. If anyone can give me some insight that would be great.

I am fairly sure this isn't a hardware issue but...
P14s (AMD) (First Gen)



and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!

Even if you personally think it is unnecessary.



Replace vga1 with desired hdmi port, and 1368x768 with resolution and 60.00 with refresh rate.


I tried your solution, it did not work, but my issue is not with the screen resolution. I am unable to maximize windows to fit vertically when I am using 16:9. Windows will only maximize to a height equal the height of the screen oriented horizontally. In other words, when I set the vertical screen to an aspect ratio 16:9, I can only resize windows vertically to about half the screen height and they are stuck at the bottom when maximized. Resolution is otherwise fine.

Just out of curiosity (I don't know much about this stuff), did you try with 768x1368 instead of 1368x768 ?
Edit: Most definitely better this one :blush::


This is an old bug. I don't know if it is fixed.
Without technical info, it is impossible to add anything to your issue.
Empty questions, empty answers.


What an astonishingly rude way to answer a question. This was placed in the Newbies section, if there is a specific piece of information you would like that I have not provided please ask it.

??? What does this have to do with newbies?

I, 5 day ago.

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If you were a newbie, you would have read Garuda wiki on "how to post a support request" and "how to find solutions". Have you done that?

I was just stating the facts. If you think I was rude, it's about ... Nahh.

A volunteer may choose to help the ones that show respect to their free time spending on helping others.
I hope you find a solution.

BTW, I don't know many users that need a vertical monitor setup. If this was frequent, all dev teams would have made it easy to implement.


What is your DE? It is DE specific issue.
If it is KDE, check this

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I agree. It should be a DE-specific issue (or maybe GPU driver).
I use KDE (Dr460nized ed.) with amdgpu, I just connected via HDMI an external rotating monitor and it works fine (I can maximize fully, also vertically), using the normal configuration in System Settings -> Display Configuration - Orientation
Please let me know if I have to remove the screenshot

Edit: in case of Gnome, the following one seems interesting:

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Not a problem for me (XFCE) - I run a vertical (and scaled) secondary monitor (see screenshots in the screenshot thread) and once it was finalized with arandr (for starting up correctly on boot) has behaved perfectly. Does this monitor get rotated often - or is it always vertical orientation?


The only one who has been rude on this thread is the OP.

On the Garuda forum, when you are requested by a moderator (or any other forum volunteer) to post your system specs you are expected to do so in a timely manner. It has been almost a week now since @SGS requested you post your system specs and you have still not done so. That is highly rude IMO. You are simply wasting the time of forum volunteers expecting them to resolve your issue in the dark. You haven't even specified the desktop you are using.

You apparently have no understanding of the concept of what is rude. I'll further enlighten you.

I'm locking your thread until you provide the requested information. If you wish your thread reopened PM a moderator other than myself as I will not respond to PM's from users who have ignored a moderators request. Sometimes in life you get what you give. Count this as a life lesson (I suppose), or simply use Reddit for your support needs in the future. Users that do not provide outputs when requested by moderators can take their support needs elsewhere.

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