USB corrupts

When I use usbs in Garuda the files I put on usbs and they go so fast my usbs get corrupted, is there any fix?

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I noticed on Raptor build that files copied abnormally fast, but it hasn’t caused any corruption yet.

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It is not writing the files quickly which corrupts the USB device, it is removing the USB device before the cached writes have been fully written to the disk.

You can run the sync command with root privileges after your write operation to ensure buffers are fully written to the device before you remove it, or try using the “eject” feature in your file manager. Or just wait a few more minutes.

This discussion has a few additional ideas if you would like to read through it: USB taking too long to eject ? - r/archlinux


If you actually believe your system is causing corruption on your USB devices you need to provide substantiation for this claim. Check you logs for USB or I/O errors.

Are the USB devices that you claim are being corrupted formatted as NTFS?

NTFS formatted drives are easily corrupted by Linux, because the file naming conventions are very different. The best thing to do if this is happening is to only use Linux file systems on storage devices used by Linux. There is a flag that can be applied to fstab to help prevent Windows file systems from corrupting as easily, but that’s kind of getting ahead of ourselves. A defective or failing drive can also result in file corruption, so you might want to check the integrity of the devices in question.

Anyways, if you really think your system is doing this, provide us with some evidence and maybe we can help you if that is legitimately occurring.


From my experience root rights aren’t needed for this one.


My understanding is if the user has permission to write to the disk, than the user can run sync. If the underlying storage requires root access for write operations, then running sync in that context would also require root privileges.

So: yes, probably sudo is not needed but I do not know. :smile:

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