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Just a question on Updating Garuda.
Your last blog announced the availability of Garuda Linux Harpy Eagle (Garuda Linux "Harpy Eagle" (210926)) which added snapper to the ability of performing snap shots of changed/updated releases automatically. I usually do an "update" using your Garuda Assistant update utility and have found that some of the items you mentioned in your latest release did not get implemented when I used the update utility. Do I have to re-install each ISO you release to take advantage of the new features you offer with each release as it seems that the "update" utility does not actually do this for me.

As an example you mentioned in your September release that Octopi was added to your new ISO, but after running "update", I don't see it replacing pamac as you described. This is what I see after attempting to running Octopi.

octopi may be found in the following packages:
chaotic-aur/octopi 0.11.0-2 /usr/bin/octopi
chaotic-aur/octopi-dev 0.12.0-3 /usr/bin/octopi
chaotic-aur/octopi-git 0.11.0.r62.6e0ba4d-1 /usr/bin/octopi

Please advise on recommended procedure for updating your distro to take advantage of its new features offered in your new ISO's. Do I have to manually install new features offered in subsequent released ISO's? I thought that update would do this for me.

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It varies as to which packages or features are automatically updated and which must be modified manually. Some changes are done automatically (but you may need to confirm the install) during the update process. Other changes the user must manually do themselves if they desire the new features.

It is more likely that the user must perform the changes as users may not want the new modifications on their system. It is oftentimes left up to the user to decide if they want the new alterations.


As already mentioned, it depends on the feature that it will get automatically updated or not.

But don't worry about it. If we used it in previous iso, it is good and reliable. We just tried to make things better with each edition.

Like timeshift is good and reliable too, and I don't think it is worth the time to switch to snapper manually.

Similarly, pamac is nice too, you may or may not switch to octopi.


:100: If it ain't broke


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